Learn how Aplazame leveraged automated identity verification to enable instant customer financing

In 2017, Spain saw more than 69% of online shopping carts abandoned. In fact, Spanish shopping cart abandonment represented a missed total of approximately 46 billion euros.

In order to capture these lost opportunities and control credit risk, Aplazame needed to correctly verify the identity of customers who applied for credit – quickly and securely.

Download this case study from Aplazame and find out more about how by implementing digital identity verification, they are now able to verify a customer’s identity in fewer that 20 seconds, allowing them to offer instant, secure and streamlined financing in connection with e-commerce purchasing. 

“At times we must ask our customers for their documentation, and so having an automated technology capable of recognizing this documentation allows us to carry out the identity verification process automatically.”

-Cabello-Astolfi CEO & Co-Founder, Aplazame

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