Mobile Fill®

Mobile OCR for Self-Service and Employee-Assisted Service

Best-in-class data extraction and pre-fill yields more forms completed and higher data accuracy

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What is mobile OCR?

Mobile OCR (Optical Character Recognition) finds and extracts data found in an image of an identity or other document captured with mobile device camera.  The data is then placed into fields of mobile application forms. This improves data accuracy by removing manual data entry requirements. 

Quick and seamless mobile OCR for the most accurate data pre-fill

Mobile Fill®

leverages Mitek’s award-winning mobile capture technology, Mitek MiSnap™, to turn the user’s smartphone or tablet into a high quality document scanner. Mitek’s patented machine learning science ensures that just the best data extraction and pre-fill is delivered.

Mobile Fill® is helping companies around the globe to solve form abandonment and data quality issues. The result is an uplift in the number of applications and customers approved, as well as reduced costs of service.

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Unparalleled data accuracy for more efficient back-office processes

For businesses, Mitek’s mobile OCR replaces time-consuming, error prone, and costly manual data entry processes. Improved data integrity dramatically decreases the error instances, reducing the number of applications declined and boosting approval rates.

Leading consumer banks, credit card issuers, telecoms, and insurers embed Mitek’s mobile OCR into their tablet apps to create a faster and more efficient employee-assisted application process in their brick and mortar branches. Mobile Fill® is proven to increase credit card application approvals by 50%.

Data Integrity

100% Paperless enrollment


Boost staff productivity


Unparalleled data integrity

Multiply New Users

Multiply completed applications

Mobile Fill® reduces the time it takes to complete a form by 25%

Mitek’s mobile image capture and data pre-fill solution creates an outstanding user experience to satisfy the demands of today's mobile-first consumers.

Filling out a form takes 25% less time with Mobile Fill®. In seconds, users can take a picture of their identity document with their mobile device’s camera and have 70% of their forms automatically populated with the data extracted from the scanned IDs.

Create a better assisted service experience

Mobile Fill® is used to create a better experience in stores, in branches, and in the community. Leading credit card issuers, telecoms, and insurers are using Mobile Fill to help both employees and consumers have a better onboarding experience. As data is directly pulled from an image of an ID document, the data accuracy speeds up backend processes and reduces exception processing.

For US Bank, the data accuracy has proven to increase credit card application approvals by 50%.

Mobile OCR that is easy to integrate with your current application flows


Global Mobile ID Capture

Server Technology

On-premise or SaaS Deployment Options


Customise to your Brand and Colours


Highest Data Security Standards

With endless use cases

Add Customers

Account Opening


Insurance Quoting


Loan Origination

Credit Card

Account Funding

Capture data from thousands of global identity documents

Mobile OCR is Available For





Mobile Web

Mobile Web

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Mobile Fill

A new way to lead customers through the sales funnel. Reduce abandonment, improve data accuracy, and boost the number of accounts booked with a best-in-class user experience.

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