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Scanner-Quality Document Capture at your Fingertips

Mobile Docs™ leverages the Mitek MiSnap™ best-in-class mobile capture technology, allowing consumers to use their smartphone’s camera to take scanner-quality images of printed documents.

Mitek’s advanced mobile scanning enables quick, easy, and efficient document submission for account opening, services enrollment, loan origination, and identity verification.

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Mobile document capture and submission for truly digital onboarding 

MiSnap, Mitek’s mobile capture technology, turns the end user’s smartphone or tablet into a high quality document scanner.

Consumers can use their mobile device to scan their IDs and supporting documents, completing the onboarding process without leaving the digital channels.

Mobile Docs digitalises printed documents to prove residence, income, and more

Mobile Docs delivers high-res digital images of supporting documents such as utility bills, certificates, letters, and bank statements, making address and identity proofing quick and easy for both the individual and the institution.

Digital images of documents accepted as proof of address

In the UK, it is required to present at least one proof of address to open a bank account, get a phone number, or get a mortgage. Some of the documents accepted as a proof of residence are:

  • Household utility bill (i.e. gas, electric, water or fixed line telephone bill)
  • Council tax bill
  • Bank, building society or credit card statement
  • Mortgage statement
  • Solicitor’s letter confirming recent house purchase or land registry confirmation
  • HMRC tax notifications & correspondence
  • Original notification letter from the relevant benefits agency confirming the right to benefits or state pension
  • Proof of student status (UCAS/NMAS letter / University / College letter of acceptance / enrollment certificate)

Mobile document scanning reduces acquistion costs

Mitek’s mobile document and ID scanning makes the document submission process easier for customers and more cost effective for financial services providers.  A high quality image of the document is captured and submitted by the customer electronically using a mobile device. This signficantly reduces the time and effort required to collect the documents needed to complete financial onboarding and transactions. 

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