What is Mitek MiSnap™? Outstanding user experience for mobile image capture

With over 30 years of experience in image capture, Mitek’s proprietary SDK provides the fastest and most effective mobile capture for ID document verification , check deposit, insurance quoting, account opening and more.

Developed by Mitek, MiSnap enables mobile device users to automatically capture images of optimal quality and usability for processing by Mitek’s technology platform, Core Flow. Users are guided through the entire image capture experience until a suitable image is detected, at which point it automatically captures and sends the image for processing. This user-friendly flow significantly decreases user error by capturing an optimal image the first time and every time.

MiSnap adapts to the capabilities of the device camera, utilizing the video stream capability of the device to automatically capture images. Key quality conditions — such as focus, brightness, skew, object size and presence of corners — are analyzed first at the device level and measured against expected thresholds to ensure optimal images are captured before being sent to the mobile imaging server for further processing. This analysis identifies a document by locating its corners, making sure the entire document is visible, in focus, and not skewed.

MiSnap™ provides a seamless mobile capture in real time

Designed with the mobile-centric user in mind, MiSnap provides a seamless mobile image capture in real time. Set by default to allow the user 15 seconds to take the picture of the document of choice on ‘Auto’ mode, MiSnap will help the user through the ‘Manual’ mode as well if this time lapse goes without capturing a valid image.

To better assess key image quality conditions such as presence of corners, focus, brightness, object size, skew and presence of expected attributes, MiSnap uses the video stream capability of the mobile device and analyzes multiple video frames per second. Possibilities are unlimited with MiSnap, as it leverages both front and back cameras on the user’s smartphone or tablet and supports portrait and landscape modes based on document type.

MiSnap is all about quality and convenience: Mitek’s automatic image capture component will use the default video mode of the end user’s smartphone or tablet – either 1080p or 720p – to determine if each image quality condition satisfies the given use case parameters. In other words, MiSnap will use integrated science to compare measured quality scores from

each video frame with a set of expected thresholds that are tuned for optimal Mobile imaging use case results. For example, the front of a check will have a unique set of threshold, very different of that of the back of the same check or of a driver’s license. 

During the course of this comparison MiSnap will provide real time feedback in the user interface so that the user can make adjustments as needed for a successful auto-capture experience to occur quickly.

Mitek MiSnapTM is available for iOS, Android, and mobile web and completely customizable to fit your brand. It is available in multiple languages and comes with full accessibility options for a fully accessible and usable user experience.