Identity verification for the telecommunications industry

The backbone of the global digital transformation

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The telecommunications industry is at the forefront of the global digital transformation, witnessing large-scale industry changes and acting as the de facto driver of worldwide digitisation. Substantial investment by the telecommunications industry in technology and interoperability serves as the cornerstone for the materialisation of disruptive business models across industries.

Access to a globally connected network has empowered millions of people worldwide, fostering digital inclusion and opening the doors to uncapped opportunities for innovative ways to change the way consumers and organizations interact online. Meanwhile, businesses in the telecoms industry are dealing with changing customer expectations, decreasing margins, increasing competition from non-traditional players, and an ever-acute urge to create new solutions to stay relevant and profitable.

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Fraud travels fast across the communications services providers' space

Digital transformation is driving exponential growth of global information flows, creating new risks for data privacy and security. To deter these risks and fight against the malicious use of mobile devices in terrorist attacks and criminal activities, regulators are increasing the scope and frequency of preventive measures and compliance obligations such as Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements and mandatory SIM card registration

Telecom fraud involving identity theft or the use of fabricated identities at point of sale enables fraudulent usage of telecom services. New services offered by MNOs and MVNOs are also leveraged by fraudsters, who use fake subscriptions based on synthetic identities to access TV, Internet services, mobile banking, virtual wallets, digital travel tickets, and other high-value services.

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Digital identity verification: where cost-efficiencies and convenience meet

As stewards of an interconnected ecosystem, communication service providers face new challenges, being required to deliver a consumer-centric digital experience or risking becoming irrelevant.

Mobile Verify solves the convenience-compliance dilemma, providing seamless, fast, and compliant identity verification for a speedier and more delightful customer onboarding. Mitek's award-winning mobile capture SDK allows telecommunications services providers, mobile network operators, and telephone network platforms to streamline customer's information capture and simplify back-office processes with high-quality data extracted from the user's identity document.