Mobile Verify®
Global Identity Verification for Digital Transformation

Enable frinctionless onboarding, payments, and authentication with mobile ID document verification

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Keep in compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations

Mobile identity verification establishes mutual trust between individual and institution, creating a completely digital journey that meets European regulatory requirements. Leveraging advanced machine learning developed by Mitek Labs, Mobile Verify® instantly assesses the authenticity of the ID document, helping ensure compliance with stringent Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), and regulations such as PSD2.

The European Union's AMLD 4.1 states that it is essential to recognise secure electronic copies of original identity documents.

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Mobile identity verification for compliant onboarding, payments, and authentication

To help fight terrorism and organised crime, AML regulations around money movement are very stringent. Payments processors, money transfer platforms, and P2P payments companies are using Mobile Verify® to satisfy these requirements and customer’s demand for a seamless digital experience.

Broadest ID document coverage

Mobile Verify® helps European financial services providers achieve compliance with the industry's most comprehensive identity verification checks on passports and ID documents. Documents are verified within seconds in the background while the user continues through digital journey.

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Unparalleled UX 

Mitek’s ID document authentication is world class due to the quality of Mitek’s mobile capture technology. Mitek MiSnap is used by 80 million consumers for mobile cheque deposit and identity verification.

Users simply point the mobile camera at the document and an optimal image is captured.

Mitek MiSnap has sophisticated image capture and processing science that enables it to yield higher image acceptance and superior authentication results.

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Identity authentication across channels

Mobile Verify® identity proofing can be integrated into mobile apps, mobile websites, and desktop applications.

NFC for passport authenticity verification

Instantly unlock the passport's RFID chip for another layer of trust. The data and image on chip further validates the authenticity of passport and the person presenting it is who they claim to be.

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